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Pricing for Lyric Video Production

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Who are we

Lyric.TV provides lyric video solutions, including animation software and video production services.

Below you will find information for artists, labels and brands interested in hiring our team of animators and designers.

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Video Production Pricing

Rates vary according to the animation and design complexity.

Please visit the YouTube links below to watch our portfolio in each category

$390 | Colors

$590 | Pictures and textures

$790 | Illustrations and vector arts

$990 | Photo montage or video footage

For special formats not listed above please contact our staff at


Please send us:

- Song in WAV or MP3 format (320 kbps)

- Complete lyrics for the full song, matching word-by-word


- Any footage you’d like to include in the video (ex: images, videos, artworks)

- Description and visual references of the look n’ feel

- Fonts or font style you’d like to use

- Logo of the artist

- URLs or logos to include at the beginning or end of the video (such as social media profiles, iTunes, soundcloud, etc)

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